The Liner Notes 2017 looked a lot like 2016 in terms of how I consumed music — I bought and spun a lot of wax. In other words,  there was a different kind of intentionality when it came to my listening habits. In years prior, the majority of my listening was focused on the… Read More

Aloha kids! When we last visited several months ago it was around — surprise surprise — a post about music, and so, in the name of symmetry, it only feels right to return to you via that same subject and my traditional midyear list of favorite albums. I don’t typically rank this list in numerical… Read More

Hi folks, It’s been 12 days now since I was discharged from Swedish Hospital (and a mere 19 since I had a little something like major spinal surgery and additional hardware installed in my body), and I’m still trying to find my bearings, settle on a baseline and process all that’s “happened” over this past… Read More

  What I love most about photography is how it teases you with a millisecond of a story that’s entirely dependent on memory or imagination to fully understand its context. Depending on the relationship one has with the photo this either makes you a co-conspirator or a creator; remembering how the story went or imagining… Read More

“Another surgery? Oh, hell no.” — Tony Schmiesing, on numerous occasions. In my defense, I always included the caveat; “that’s how I feel today. Tomorrow, who knows?” And up until about three months ago that “tomorrow” never came. For close to seven years I felt very strongly about not going under the knife again. And… Read More

Hello kids! It’s that time of year again — fasterbarnacle time, that is — where I deliver my favorite music of the year post. It’s true my list comes a bit later than all those other bigger, more “widely read” lists, but I like to hold off in order to cover those unexpected gems that… Read More

Home again, home againIt’s been a while since I’ve done my end of the year music list, but I figure in honor and celebration of the great artists who gave so graciously to our little film project, I’d bring it back. This isn’t to say I haven’t been into music these last several years, just… Read More

If there’s any place on earth where it would be most unlikely to find a C 4-5 quadriplegic, then it’s where I was, on March 6th, 2014, balanced atop the equipment basket of an A-Star helicopter on a snow-covered Alaskan peak named JJ’s shoulder. With the blades spinning ominously overhead, my arms were gripped tightly… Read More

So by now I’m guessing the cat is mostly out of the bag and my barely cryptic sign off last post, alluding to a particular (very near) upcoming endeavor in our uppermost state, has all but been deciphered. Which is to say, yes, on Friday morning at 4 AM I’m off to Cordova, Alaska with… Read More