Welcome all to an adventure in the making. As the blurb in the sidebar says, this site is all about charting the progress of a blue water dream. In many ways, it’s a “build it and it will happen” sort of a deal.

At its fullest potential, this site will be my link to the world. The Web and its ever expanding presence has the power to connect people in a way that no other medium can. And for me — here in Berkeley, looking out into this large world for assistance — that’s one of the coolest things ever.

Faster barnacle is the result of thinking outside the box. It is, as I said above, a tool for connection; a way for people to get to know me, make suggestions, provide solutions. There are no websites or books I can consult to use as a guide. We’re sailing uncharted seas here and anything brought to the table — including encouragement — will be appreciated. The way I see it, if this trip is to become a reality, it’s only going to happen through these three things; determination, creativity and the participation of others.

As for how often I post, well, that’ll depend greatly on what’s happening in relation to the trip (though I’ll probably go off topic from time to time when something peaks my interest). In the meantime, this is a little like my shingle hanging in cyberspace. Next year, if all goes according to plan, it’ll be your one stop source for the ramblings of a redheaded quad on the open seas.

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