rob lowe and orca

I have strange dreams sometimes. And I’ve noticed this about them: whatever creative endeavor I’m engaged in in my waking life, that will be the frame for my dreams. If I’m making music, then my dreams might be occupied with writing the perfect pop song. If I’m making film, then most likely I’ll have movie stars working as my attendants.

Lately — because of this blog — my dreams have been structuring themselves in terms of sentences and paragraphs, as if taken directly from a magazine or a book. Instead of waking up with images in my head, I’m waking up with blocks of text.

Below is just such an example. I don’t remember anything else about the dream, only this one sentence, but it was so utterly bizarre and profound sounding, I felt compelled to share.

“It took Europe centuries to build and advance itself, and it took Rob Lowe an afternoon and a killer whale to bring it down.”

Is it prophetic? I don’t know. Does it seem any less likely than the Four Horseman scenario? Probably not. Either way, history will bear out whether it’s prescient or not and we’ll all be better for it.

Being that this is a creative commons site, I implore you to do as you wish with the quote; re-mix it, add it to the bottom of your emails, pass it along to friends, discuss it with your church elders, make T-shirts out of it, warn Rob Lowe to stay away from killer whales, forget about it entirely, whatever. I only ask that if Europe does ever go especially wonky and you find yourself on some sort of BBC news program hypothesizing as to why, be sure to give credit where credit is due… and then claim it as your own.

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