I don’t know if it’s my aura, my enthusiasm, my attitude or my hair, but the question my friend got asked on two occasions — as she tried to track me down on the slopes — was; “so what was he before?  A snowboarder or a skier?”

It’s not an odd question, really. I get asked if I was a surfer or skater all the time, so it’s only appropriate when I’m in the mountains to be asked if I was a snowboarder or skier (the alpine equivalents). I find the question complementary.  Surfing, skating (skateboarding), skiing — these sports shaped me into who I am today and I like that.  It’s nice to know that whether I’m wearing a J. Crew sweater on the BART or sitting in a bi-ski, people recognize my colors.

Of course, such tribal feelings might be enhanced by the post-adrenaline, post-altitude, post-endorphin, post-Sierra-air-in-my-lungs rush I got from skiing for the first time since my injury, but as I always like to say, if you’re gonna claim your roots do it with a clearheaded sentimentality.

Next up: the fundamentals of my alpine adventure and how a bi-ski made me say, “oh, hell yeah”.

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