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Aside from it being International Worker’s Day and a day where some folks may want to dance around a Maypole (our European brethren mostly), it’s also my dog Shadow’s birthday. She’s 14 years old today; getting up there by golden retriever standards, not so much by tortoises’.

She’s in great shape and as bighearted and goofy as ever. She’s less fond of rock ‘n roll and hip-hop shows, but still retains an enthusiastic interest in catered events and Mexican restaurants with mariachis and cascading bowls of chips. Her hearing has diminished some (selectively and otherwise), but her bark is as efficient as ever. Tennis balls still hold a significant place in her heart, but her nose to the ground and knowing every other dog’s business seems much more a priority now. And while I’d hoped her ever evolving dog breath might’ve reached a critical mass by this point, I’ll gladly endure its further evolution in exchange for many more years together.

It’s only fitting Shadow’s birthday is on May 1st — the day of the worker and the day of the May Queen — given she’s both, it’s the only one that would do.

Those who know Shadow, know this about her — she is a lover beyond words and a wondrous spirit. Every day she’s in my life is another day to be thankful for. May the years continue to be kind.

The biscuits flow tonight!

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  • The Red Dog reigns supreme in my book. I’m glad to know she’s doing well. Indeed everyday with her is a gift.

    Love, hugs, licks and all the rest of it my friend,


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