At long last, here it is, volume 1 of the 365 albums a day experiment. It’s a list of what I’ve listened to so far and some of the songs that sparkled during the experience. You’ll notice some albums have two songs listed, while others have five or more. This doesn’t mean the albums where I only noted two were any less of an overall experience, it only means those were the songs that grabbed me at the time. Another listen might garner different results.

In any event, part of the idea was to function as a filter and give you suggestions you might like to download in advance of getting the whole album. It’s a great time to be a music lover; sites like iTunes and Amazon allow you to purchase individual songs instead of whole CDs or record company determined singles, and that’s a pretty inexpensive way to get your feet wet with a new artist. For myself, I’m still an album type of guy, but I’ve found from time to time it’s nice to sit with something before you dive all the way in.

Below are some links to some new discoveries and a couple of “classics” that were a joy to revisit. If you don’t have any of these in your iPod or record collection already, you might think about adding them.

For a PDF of the complete list click here: 365 albums volume 1

prefab sprout cd mavis staples cd

the national cd gecko turner cd

timmy curran cd elvis costello cd

bon iver cd devotchka cd

cornelius cd ramiro cd

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