They say television puts on 10 pounds, but I couldn’t see it. Perhaps it went to my hair, because looking at the webcast it was as large and prominent as anything in front of the camera. In retrospect, I probably should’ve looked in a mirror and brushed it a bit before going on air, as that strong San Francisco wind seemed to frazzle it up a little more than I remember it being when I left the house. I wish I could say it looked hip, but really it looked more like I was doing my part to keep that 70s skater look alive and well.

Seriously, though, note to self; think about trimming the hair. Or if not and you’re going to be on TV again, make it the X-Games or MTV.

In 3…2…1

So what was I doing on television? Well, I was on Bay Sunday CBS here in San Francisco promoting our Superfest International Disability Film Festival with one of the award-winning filmmakers, Karina Eperlein. As a board member of CDT, the parent organization of Superfest, and also a judge for the festival — not to mention the early 9:45 a.m. call time (5 a.m. for me and one of my attendants) — I was called upon to perform my duty and spread the word.

The festival itself is a tremendous event. The longest running one of its kind in the world, it began in 1970 in Los Angeles and moved here to Berkeley in 1998. It champions and honors the best in disability themed films from around the world, and has become a lens through which fertile ideas and images from the disability experience are reaching a mainstream audience. Growing year by year, exhibiting innovative and provocative works from both established and emerging filmmakers, it’s an integral part of the disability culture zeitgeist.

Superfest is a unique opportunity to engage in narratives you won’t find in your local Cineplex. The films are entertaining first and foremost, but as with the best of all films, you’ll come away with a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. I encourage you to check it out if you’re in the Bay Area, and if not, well, then hopefully sometime in the not too distant future you’ll be able to check out some of the films online. I’ll keep you posted as to when that’s going to happen.





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  • Hi Tony….This is from a long lost friend from the Port Streets, Patty Gallivan . This is the first time I have read your blog and I am blown away. It is amazing what goes on in peoples minds and it is a gift to be able to share it in words. What fun reading. You are an inspiration. You will keep a window open to a different world for me….love you, Patty

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