The number one universal rule in creating and maintaining a blog of any merit is consistency.  Interesting content is pretty key as well, but if your readers don’t know when said content will be available, then what’s going to motivate them to tune in? Knowing my own ADD when it comes to the internet, my suspicions are not very much.  With that in mind, my absence from the blogosphere this month was not out of defiance of this number one rule, but rather I was kept away because I had no voice (literally not metaphorically; metaphorically my voice is as chatty and strong as ever).

“Voice”, you say, “What’s that got to do with it? You’re not a podcaster”.

And you’re right, I’m not.  But when your voice sounds like Bette Davis after a weekend binge of torch songs, unfiltereds and helium huffing, NaturallySpeaking (my method of writing) doesn’t really want to put out (using the parlance of our times).  More to the point, the difference between what it thinks I’m saying versus what I’m actually saying is quite comical… Dadaist even.  Which is great if you’re Andre Breton or stoned out of your gourd, not so much if you’re a quadriplegic blogger.

So all that said and without further ado, rigmarole or excuses, I once again give you fasterbarnacle… phlegm free and fast as ever.


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