A year ago today I said goodbye to a very radiant being; my eternally brilliant, beautiful, goofy, transcendent service dog Shadow. Sigh.

I’ve written at length about her on this blog, but I believe this particular slideshow says everything so much better. Even still, it seems slight.

She was without a doubt one of the most vibrant, alive spirits I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, miss her or am forever grateful for the years I was able to spend with her by my side.

A teacher, a companion, a friend, a buddha, and the loudest, most steadfast furry creature of love. She is missed. She is loved. She is a gift.

Enough said.

Life is good. Life is very very good. I am blessed.

A Slideshow Celebrating the Memory of my Golden Retriever Service Dog from Tony Schmiesing on Vimeo.


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