Change is in the air (in so many ways) and I figure what better way to celebrate it then to… well… change. So in the spirit of this celebratory state, instead of writing blogs I’m going to video them for a while.

Now I know if anything has been consistent here on Fasterbarnacle, its been inconsistency, but I hope this slight medium shift will be the remedy… at least temporarily (how’s that for setting the expectation bar at an appropriate height?). My goal is to shoot, edit (if needed) and post something once a week, and I think — all things considered — it’s not an unrealistic ambition. We’ll see.

That said, I’ve been a bit under the weather this past week, so the actual start date for this whole transition thing is admittedly a little nebulous, but just the same, my intention is to have something up here — as well as the other requisite places — very soon. That’s the intention.

Anyway, I’m not abandoning writing altogether, I love it, I love sharing via this particular medium, and I’ll definitely be back to those magnum opus posts before you can say digression, but for now I want to see how another tool of expression will do at translating and sharing this adventure I call my life.

Until then, much love to you all and I’ll catch you on the flipside.

Mahalo and peace.

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  • I always love reading and am looking forward to watching too. Give me a shout on FB or email when you plan to be skiing next. I’m at Squaw most weekends (unless my daughter has a race elsewhere) and can hop the shuttle over to Alpine. It would be great to meet in person and take a few turns together!

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