While there is no shortage of stoke and gratitude captured on the above video (hell, even pushing half a mile in a cold December rain couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Though, in retrospect that wasn’t the wisest of moves), I do feel the need to further explain — albeit briefly — why these grants have meant so much to me beyond their financial support.

When I applied for these grants, I put my heart and soul into them as much as anything I’ve ever written. In a limited amount of space, I’ve tried to tell the story of who I am and how my goals and ambitions further paint the story of Tony Schmiesing. But more importantly than this, I’ve tried to paint a much bigger story… a collective story… a story that doesn’t begin or end with me.

Sounds hokey? To some, maybe. But it’s the truth, and I believe these foundations, through their awards, have been able to see this. I have no allusions that these grants were given generously to me, Tony Schmiesing (the berkeley ginger quadriplegic bi-skiier), but I also know they were done so because they see how I connect to, and can relatively influence, the bigger picture… and for this I couldn’t be more honored, stoked and endlessly grateful!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this mind blowingly beautiful life!

Big love.

Please check out these great foundations:





If you want to know more on my thoughts on this ridiculous new bi-ski, check out the end of this blog:

the quadriplegic zen art of chasing vert in a bi-ski 


3 comments on “gratitude unlimited! the blown-mind grant award edition.

  • Hi Tony-

    We haven’t been formally introduced to one another but I feel like I know so much about you already. I am a good friend of your parents here in Sun City, Palm Desert and a big fan of you and what you represent with respect to one’s outlook on life. Your words, “Mind blowingly beautiful life,” and “Big love” resonate deep within me as well as being reflected by the actions and words your parents so aptly demonstrate on a daily basis.

    We, my wife Mindy and I, look forward to meeintg you and wish you continued mind blowingly beautiful like experiences.



  • @Eric Thank you for the kind words. In no small way, as I hoped to translate in this blog, I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of support from every direction. Life, even in the most challenging of times, never feels to be without a high wire net under me :):)

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