Yes, another video from my home away from home on the Cal track, but stay with me here, because this one has a little bit of everything.

Just before Christmas I experienced, or more appropriately, was slammed with (yes, slammed sounds right) something I’ve never experienced in all my time as a quadriplegic, something I’ve only been able to vaguely classify now as “dysreflexia perplexia” (not an actual medical term), and which hardly begins to describe the 6 weeks of head scratchingly bizarre symptoms I endured. And yet there I was, smack dab in the middle of something which was very intense, humbling and requested of me, yet again, to let go of some things which were very dear to me. In short, I had no idea whether this would be a permanent state, a transitionary one or something that would disappear altogether.

About 2 weeks ago I finally felt like myself again and began the arduous journey back to rebuild my muscles that were lost to atrophy. No easy task. It being California, however, the sun has shined warmly and brightly down on my endeavor and I’ve been able to rush my recovery along. Great. But it also being winter in California, and me having a certain affinity for a particular activity I like to do in winter, and wasn’t an option during the 6 weeks of the condition which can’t be named (and during some pretty epic snowfall in December I might add), I was in a more accelerated pace than I might have otherwise been to get myself up to a certain set of mountains to do that particular activity.

Cut to tonight (don’t worry, I’ll come back to a lot of this in a later video as there is much more to explore from an educational point of view) and I find myself posting this a mere 12 hours before I’m off to Tahoe to ski my brains out with my bro Travis and some other amazing people! Seriously, miracles never cease. No, really, they never do.

Big love to you all!

For more on this week’s quadriplegic related SCI (spinal cord injury) buzzword “dysreflexia”:


One comment on “The Post Dysreflexia Perplexia / Pre-ski (literally) Tahoe Check-in

  • Good term, that…

    I learned years ago, and somehow forgot to tell you, that my dz CRPS evolves spinal changes that look, under a microscope, like the spinal cords of SCI below the lesion. We get dysautonomia (which the wikipedia article calls something else), and I’ve read of some youngsters with CRPS and intact spines having episodes that sound exactly like dysreflexia.

    Having seen this stuff in my spine-injured peeps at the dock, so many of whom are so articulate about their experience, has really helped me keep from freaking out at the systemic weirdness and, more importantly, has given a way to help others find words and validate their experiences so they can seek appropriate care. It’s such a big deal and huge help to have friends and contacts across disabilities! The sequestered nature of most online info is a bit limiting. I love cross-pollination.

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