Helicopter view of the Chugach

So by now I’m guessing the cat is mostly out of the bag and my barely cryptic sign off last post, alluding to a particular (very near) upcoming endeavor in our uppermost state, has all but been deciphered. Which is to say, yes, on Friday morning at 4 AM I’m off to Cordova, Alaska with my amazing crew to heli-ski in some empty Chugach powder. As my buddy Roy has affectionately put it; I’m MFAKBound!

I had hoped to write more here on the doorstep of this incredible opportunity, but the last three weeks have been a crazy blur of preparation, making things feel ridiculously compressed. Winter has been a bit of a no-show here in California as many of you know, and that made for some last-minute equipment testing in Tahoe that literally went right up to two days ago. Work work work, you know the drill.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity before I leave to express how moved I am by all the kindness and support that has been showered upon this endeavor. It’s astounding, really, and very overwhelming to be the recipient of such love and generosity on so many levels. It’s no overstatement to say, none of this trip would be possible without the help of others — a lot of others — and so it’s absolutely appropriate to say you’re all part of something pretty special.

So in that spirit, here is a short but massively heartfelt shout out to the High Fives Foundation who funded this whole thing, my team (Travis, Brian and Conor), my family, my friends, friends of family and friends, people I haven’t met but who’ve felt compelled to support me in this adventure just the same, Points North, and so many more which I’ll name specifically later. Thank you all for being part of this epic dream!

Peace, love and endless mahalos,

Stoked ski face in Tahoe

I’ll catch up with you on the other side of the Cugach! Keep sunshine on your minds, we need it to fly those helicopters!

Oh, and if you’d like to follow along on this bananas adventure, I’ll be posting as regularly as I can on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find links to all of these on the sidebar.


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