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Aloha kids! When we last visited several months ago it was around — surprise surprise — a post about music, and so, in the name of symmetry, it only feels right to return to you via that same subject and my traditional midyear list of favorite albums.

I don’t typically rank this list in numerical order, but I do want to highlight one record, Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy, as I feel it captures the zeitgeist of 2017 and the shit show/morality crisis that temporarily and contextually occupies this country’s highest office and much more.

It’s a dark record — sometimes funny and self-effacing, but never flinching in it’s critique of the modern human condition. There are no answers to the questions it raises, rather it’s an inconvenient reminder of our own culpability. Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?

For me at least, that’s what I look for in art — engagement, dialogue and challenges. I’m not looking   for handholding. I appreciate whatever field notes artists feel compelled to share. And while these aren’t the notes I’d share — mine are a bit more peace and love —  they’re some evocative singer-songwriter, orchpop-cum-early Elton John-ish notes worthy of highlighting.

As for the rest of the list, per usual it’s eclectic, there should be something for everybody. I’ve listed 25 lPs below, but there are links to playlists on Apple Music (for those subscribed) and YouTube (for those who listen that way) that represent the rest. Bottom line; there’s a lot of good stuff.

It’s no 2016 yet, but there’s still time.

Oh, and please feel compelled to share what you’ve been digging!


The Best LPs of 2017 (So Far):

Father John Misty Pure Comedy
Milo Who Told You To Think
Brother Ali All The Beauty In This Whole Life
Kendrick Lamar Damn
Big Thief Capacity
Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy
Ennanga Vision Ennanga Vision
Nomade Orquestra EntreMundos
Woods Love is Love
Vince Staples Big Fish Theory
Yazz Ahmed La Saboteuse
The Mountain Goats Goths
Mark Mulcahy Possum In The Driveway
Hippo Campus Landmark
Sampha Process
Photay Onism
Fabiano Do Nascimento Tempo Dos Mestres
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Vula
Oddisee The Iceberg
Juana Molina Halo
Cornelius Mellow Waves
Ellen Arkbro For Organ and Brass
Ibibio Sound Machine Uyai
Open Mike Eagle Brick Body Kids Still Daydream
Timber Timbre Sincerely, Future Pollution

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For YouTube Playlist Click Here



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