Hi folks, It’s been 12 days now since I was discharged from Swedish Hospital (and a mere 19 since I had a little something like major spinal surgery and additional hardware installed in my body), and I’m still trying to find my bearings, settle on a baseline and process all that’s “happened” over this past… Read More

“Another surgery? Oh, hell no.” — Tony Schmiesing, on numerous occasions. In my defense, I always included the caveat; “that’s how I feel today. Tomorrow, who knows?” And up until about three months ago that “tomorrow” never came. For close to seven years I felt very strongly about not going under the knife again. And… Read More

  Man, (insert favorite cliché about the apparent acceleration of time). When I last left you, back in May, I had just celebrated what some might call a semi-significant marker along this adventure we call life; more of a preamble, really, to a relatively more decorated one still to come, but one that nevertheless, according… Read More

It’ll be 2 years this month since my ridiculously beautiful service dog, Shadow, slipped her mortal coil and chased the proverbial kibble filled tennis ball into the ether, and into her new role as my goofy spiritual shadow (yes, I couldn’t resist the play on words). Why did it take me so long to spread… Read More

A year ago today I said goodbye to a very radiant being; my eternally brilliant, beautiful, goofy, transcendent service dog Shadow. Sigh. I’ve written at length about her on this blog, but I believe this particular slideshow says everything so much better. Even still, it seems slight. She was without a doubt one of the… Read More

So on Monday I went to the hospital for a scheduled CT myelogram (think spinal tap) and a whole lot of waiting around on gurneys, in empty hallways counting holes in acoustic ceiling tiles (more on why in a later post).  And while I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of having a 20 gauge… Read More

  After nearly 40 years in Newport Beach, my parents — like the Israelites in the Old Testament — have all but made the final exodus out into the desert.  They’ve traded cool ocean breezes and the smell of salt air for the oppressive heat, the need for AC and putting greens. And while it… Read More

  It’s hard to believe, but just a short while ago my dog Shadow had me questioning her mortality. And rightfully so, for a moment there she seemed to be bumping up against it. But like they say, “that was then, this is now”, and where I was once questioning her mortality in regards to… Read More

A week ago past was one of those weeks that was bound to come, but that’d been conveniently relegated to somewhere in the back of my mind — Shadow, my 14 1/2 year old golden retriever, suddenly became quite ill. I suspect, at her age, this is something that shouldn’t be surprising, but Shadow hardly… Read More