86 years young, a senior athlete, a lover of life and a friend. from Tony Schmiesing on Vimeo. I’m fortunate in my life to have many people I can look to for inspiration, but my friend Shirley is indeed one of the oldest at 86 years young. I only mention her age, because, well, she’s… Read More

“Are you OCD?”, My friend D asked, as she pushed my remote 2 cm more to the left. “What?”, I said. “No.” “Well, you’re kind of particular, aren’t you?” “Dude, I can’t believe you’re asking me that. Seriously. You’ve known me, what, 10 years? Have you always thought this?” “I don’t know, I guess. You’re… Read More

  Well, here it is, my dog Shadow’s 16th birthday.  Earlier this week I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far, but alas her resilience and lust for life are not things to be trifled with.  Per her annual neck tweaking/stinger/compressed vertebrae, she was literally just — Sunday, Monday and Tuesday — hobbling around, not… Read More

So on Monday I went to the hospital for a scheduled CT myelogram (think spinal tap) and a whole lot of waiting around on gurneys, in empty hallways counting holes in acoustic ceiling tiles (more on why in a later post).  And while I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of having a 20 gauge… Read More

  After nearly 40 years in Newport Beach, my parents — like the Israelites in the Old Testament — have all but made the final exodus out into the desert.  They’ve traded cool ocean breezes and the smell of salt air for the oppressive heat, the need for AC and putting greens. And while it… Read More

  From the moment I was weaned and started dining on solid food, I’ve disliked eggs. The taste, the smell, the texture, all of it. Nevertheless, every six months or so I take a bite off someone’s plate just to see if my tastes have changed… they haven’t, but I still hold out hope that… Read More

If you’ve been anywhere around Facebook lately then you’re probably well aware of the viral happening “25 random things about me” and in turn even contributed to its spreading.  If for some reason you haven’t been touched by this arguably benevolent virus and have no idea what I’m talking about, or you’re one of the… Read More

I’m finding lately that amongst my friends there are two types of people: those who would shell out their last cent for a good, quality roll of toilet paper and those who wouldn’t. This isn’t a judgment of character by any means, it’s merely an observation of where people are willing to cut corners and… Read More