Okay, technically I suppose I’m a few weeks late on the whole midyear thing (July 2nd was the actual midpoint), but at this stage in the game trying to come up with a short list of my favorite albums — when there’s so many yet to listen to — is a dizzying prospect.  Seriously,… Read More

  As some of you may or may not know, last year I put forth a little project for myself; listen to a different album everyday for 365 days.  A project that, while on the surface, might’ve seemed like a marginal challenge (those who know me, know I listen to at least 5 times that… Read More

It’s been said — and I’m assuming the source is fairly reliable — that our sense of smell is the most proficient of all our senses in triggering memories.  And while I’ll admit the smell of coconut escorts me back to the years between 1974 and 1980 when surfboard wax was as important to me… Read More

2008 may have been the year of the rat according to the Chinese calendar, but according to the Tony Schmiesing calendar, it was the year of music. Of course, a few other significant things happened along the way that might also qualify for the title (if you’ve been reading this blog, you know what I… Read More

As the rain started to fall halfway through the single song encore of “Popplagið” —  a rain seemingly brought on by the magisterial howling of the music — it became clear this was going to be hands-down the single most joyous and surreal rock ‘n roll moment I ( and no doubt the rest of… Read More

For those not lucky enough to know Telegraph Avenue here in Berkeley, either through intimate familiarity or reputation, I’ll share with you a story to illustrate its color. I choose this one not because it’s any more representative of the Avenue’s quirkiness, but because it compliments a general subject that’s arisen this month from an… Read More

As August comes to an end, and I suppose symbolically summer as well, I thought it was only appropriate to close it out with a music posting. Concert wise, it’s been a slower summer than I’d expected — only one show at the Greek Theatre so far — but like most things in life it’s… Read More

So how does one know when summer actually arrives? Well, I suppose you could look at the calendar and go with the whole June 21st summer equinox thing. It’s not very romantic, but it’s certainly accurate and official. Or I suppose you could make the observation that the days are getting longer and — depending… Read More