It’s my birthday today and I’ll tell ya straight up, I love it. Truth is, I love anything that celebrates life, especially when it has a party in tow. It’s cool to be here another year; to look back and to look forward and be grateful for the moment that’s happening right now — it’s… Read More

At long last, here it is, volume 1 of the 365 albums a day experiment. It’s a list of what I’ve listened to so far and some of the songs that sparkled during the experience. You’ll notice some albums have two songs listed, while others have five or more. This doesn’t mean the albums where… Read More

I’ve gotten several e-mails wondering how the whole 365 albums thing is coming along, and to this I have to to say, swimmingly. It’s been a revelation and a whole mess of fun. Currently, I’m putting together a list of all the albums I’ve listened to so far and the tracks that really grabbed me… Read More

I am not by nature what you would call a “new year’s resolution” type of a guy. I’m more of a “check yourself on a regular basis and make adjustments on the fly” type of guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with making new year’s resolutions, I’ll applaud anything that inspires reflection and then, in… Read More