Hi folks, It’s been 12 days now since I was discharged from Swedish Hospital (and a mere 19 since I had a little something like major spinal surgery and additional hardware installed in my body), and I’m still trying to find my bearings, settle on a baseline and process all that’s “happened” over this past… Read More

“Another surgery? Oh, hell no.” — Tony Schmiesing, on numerous occasions. In my defense, I always included the caveat; “that’s how I feel today. Tomorrow, who knows?” And up until about three months ago that “tomorrow” never came. For close to seven years I felt very strongly about not going under the knife again. And… Read More

So in my last post I ended things on the up note proclamation of adjustment, and while I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, I want to further clarify what that means in my life — both specifically and in the abstract. First, the specific (big to small, small to big, big to big, whatever, I’m not… Read More

  I always assumed — as it turns out incorrectly (the assumption thing, I guess) — my disability would be stable (you know, aside for those first couple of years where I was convinced my paralysis was just a hiccup).  I figured, I broke my neck, I’d get back what I’d get back and that… Read More

The beautiful thing about writing a personal blog — you know, aside from the obvious personal stuff — is the opportunity to share something useful that might pop up in a Google search (or Bing if you prefer one giant conglomerate over another).  And while that’s certainly true of this posting, it took a little… Read More

September 21 — International Day of Peace a.k.a. Cut Tony’s Spinal Cord Open And Give Him a Shunt For That Syringomyelia Thing Day 3 a.m. — Yes, 3 a.m.. For whatever reason surgery is best done before dawn like fishing and surfing.  Unfortunately a quadriplegic doesn’t just open the eyes, throw on some sweats and… Read More

So on Monday I went to the hospital for a scheduled CT myelogram (think spinal tap) and a whole lot of waiting around on gurneys, in empty hallways counting holes in acoustic ceiling tiles (more on why in a later post).  And while I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of having a 20 gauge… Read More