A year ago today I said goodbye to a very radiant being; my eternally brilliant, beautiful, goofy, transcendent service dog Shadow. Sigh. I’ve written at length about her on this blog, but I believe this particular slideshow says everything so much better. Even still, it seems slight. She was without a doubt one of the… Read More

  *If you happen to be viewing this on a mobile device and you find the videos are loading slowly, tap the youtube logo on the bottom right of the video. I’ve weighted down this post with lots of treats! 50. Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting (post dubstep, r&b) 49. Wolfram Wolfram (elctro pop) 48. Seun Kuti… Read More

It’s begun… sort of. After an exceptionally clingy indian summer (which, for those keeping meteorological score at home, will mean another 60° plus sunny week ahead; a very odd, shorts wearing start to December), a couple of diminutive, fast-moving storms managed to sneak in, drop a little snow and the lifts of Tahoe began firing… Read More

  Since my accident, I’ve had this unshakable desire to get vert again, to recapture that weightless feeling I got from surfing or skating ramps and pools. And while I’ve done the requisite imaginary off-the-top carve on slight banks in my wheelchair, all great imagination aside, it’s not quite the same thing, and certainly not… Read More

  September is here and with it comes the symbolic end to summer and the arrival of shorter, cooler days. And while for us here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the summer of 2011 was all about the cooler days, and probably won’t be lodged in anyone’s memory as being particularly summer-like, we do… Read More

“Are you OCD?”, My friend D asked, as she pushed my remote 2 cm more to the left. “What?”, I said. “No.” “Well, you’re kind of particular, aren’t you?” “Dude, I can’t believe you’re asking me that. Seriously. You’ve known me, what, 10 years? Have you always thought this?” “I don’t know, I guess. You’re… Read More

Given all the music I’ve come to listen to over the last several years (300 plus LPs and EPs this year so far), you’d have thought my appreciation for the midyear list would’ve come sooner than 2011, if for no other reason than I try to be Zen about such chores. And while I know… Read More

A few observations about the music of 2010: First, and I pointed this out in July, so you can imagine what December must’ve been like, there was a ton of music to absorb. Second, synth-based music, with nearly 40 years of material to draw from, thoroughly has my attention. Third, the whole “beach/summer” sound may… Read More