The weather report called for clear skies, but as we drove over Donner Pass the light snow flurries made us question that forecast. Generally, I’d say I’m an 80 degrees and sunny type of guy, but this unexpected bit of weather had me singing a different tune entirely and I couldn’t shut up about how… Read More

I don’t know if it’s my aura, my enthusiasm, my attitude or my hair, but the question my friend got asked on two occasions — as she tried to track me down on the slopes — was; “so what was he before?  A snowboarder or a skier?” It’s not an odd question, really. I get… Read More

I’ve gotten several e-mails wondering how the whole 365 albums thing is coming along, and to this I have to to say, swimmingly. It’s been a revelation and a whole mess of fun. Currently, I’m putting together a list of all the albums I’ve listened to so far and the tracks that really grabbed me… Read More

I have strange dreams sometimes. And I’ve noticed this about them: whatever creative endeavor I’m engaged in in my waking life, that will be the frame for my dreams. If I’m making music, then my dreams might be occupied with writing the perfect pop song. If I’m making film, then most likely I’ll have movie… Read More

Since my website has been making the rounds — landing in places I never would’ve imagined; being forwarded onward and outward by all of you — several people have made some very useful suggestions as far as my sailing future is concerned. One of those suggestions has been an organization called BAADS (Bay Area Association… Read More

My relationship with eggplant over the years has not been one of gastronomic appreciation. The purplest member of the nightshade family, despite technically being a berry, is not — in my opinion — a very tasty treat. Still, people have attempted to persuade me to see it otherwise. What it is about the eggplant specifically… Read More

I went sailing last Sunday morning with a couple of friends and the individual who I mentioned in the previous post and had, what can only be described, as a transcendent and illuminating experience. I came away from the day not only with a far clearer understanding of my vision, both in terms of what… Read More

Thanks to the efforts of all of you, things are beginning to happen. After fasterbarnacle was forwarded to a friend, they forwarded it to one of their friends, who in turn forwarded to one of theirs who turned out to be a sailor. A couple of weeks ago that person contacted me and on Monday… Read More

Since my days of shredding Newport as a grom, surfing has arrived in places I never would have imagined. Not only is it moving above the wave, with aerial maneuvers that are starting to rival those of snowboarding and skateboarding, but that Holy Grail of riding a 100 foot wave is fast approaching. Technological changes… Read More

As I said a couple of posts ago, I don’t do the whole New Year’s resolution thing. What I do do — and this is where the whole 365 albums came in — is make a list of things I’d like to accomplish over the coming year and knock ’em down one by one. This… Read More